Director General of the Department of the National Library lectures at the National Defense College


The Director General of the National Library Department, Dr. Nidal Al-Ayasrah, gave a lecture entitled "The National Library and its Role in Preserving the National Intellectual Product", for the s The scholars in the 18th National Defense Course, presented the Commander, Chairman and members of the directing staff in the college. Dr. Al-Ayasrah said: "The National Library is the central library of the state and the cultural and information center that reflects the nation’s heritage and its scientific, literary and cultural development. It is concerned with collecting and preserving the national intellectual product and informing about it (the memory of the nation), as the library preserves, deposits and publishes the national bibliography." The National Library contains valuable and rare manuscripts, books, and important works, as well as the most recent publications. The Director General of the National Library Department added that the process of change in the library began in 2008, which came with the royal generosity of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein - may God preserve and protect him - who ordered the construction of a modern building that keeps pace with global developments in the field of libraries and archives, where the project to digitize books began. And archiving department documents. At the end of the lecture there was an extensive discussion during which the guest lecturer answered the scholars ’questions.