Minister of Justice: Electronic link with 134 security centers and 85 Public Prosecution Department


"The electronic connectivity project with the Public Security Directorate aims to improve case management and increase effectiveness in the criminal justice system using electronic information systems," said Justice Minister Dr. Bassam Talhouni. Al-Talhouni added during a lecture, Tuesday, at the College of National Defense, that the ministry, in partnership with the Judicial Council and in cooperation with the Public Security Directorate, implemented the electronic link between the courts and the Public Security Directorate with regard to Interpol and the link with all security centers, As it was linked between 134 security centers throughout the Kingdom with the departments of public prosecutors and the courts in the court, which numbered 85 departments. The Minister of Justice noted that the future plan requires working with all public security agencies and that the ministry is in the process of implementing the electronic sorority project instead of arresting in correction and rehabilitation centers, stressing that the ministry has begun the project of remote trial aimed at linking the courts with the reform centers, where it is implemented in three stages, and achieved great success where 155 thousand hearings have been conducted remotely since the date of the launch of the program. He said 13 memorandums of understanding have been signed with partner institutions, including ministries, municipalities, universities and the Greater Amman Secretariat. He pointed out that the issue of law enforcement to reduce crime requires social measures involving universities, civil society institutions and the National Center for Human Rights, stressing that reducing crimes requires an integrated punitive philosophy, the solution is not always the solution to the punishment, it requires that people be spared access to correction and rehabilitation centers and avoid mixing with the usual Crimes, and those involved in justice and law enforcement authorities should focus on changing community behavior, focusing on education and addressing the causes of crime as means of reducing them, which requires a balance between stiffer penalties and zero tolerance for offenders and the provision of reform and rehabilitation policies to reduce crime in accordance with law enforcement standards and sovereignty. The rule of law must be clearly demonstrated in the texts and provisions of the laws issued by the competent authorities within the "principle of legitimacy" that must prevail. The rights and public freedoms of individuals must be guaranteed and protected, and the provisions of the Constitution reinforced that principle in arresting those who break or infringe on the law.