The CEO of the Arab Potash Company lectures at the National Defense College


The CEO of the Arab Potash Company, Dr. Maan Al-Nisour, stressed the importance of the private sector and its role in maintaining national security, achieving economic and social development through its effective contribution to revitalizing economic life, raising rates of growth and reducing poverty, given the importance and development of the status and performance of the private sector is an important issue The most important factor on which economic policies must be based in order to reflect positively on economic activity and national security. This came during a lecture he gave, today, on Tuesday, at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, entitled “The Role of the Private Sector in National Security” for the scholars in the National Defense Course 18, in the presence of the College commandant and the Head and members of the College's directing staff. Dr. Al-Nsour said: “The development and integration of the private sector reflects a correct understanding of the mechanisms and ways to activate its role as one of the lines of national security defense, which calls for the development of an optimal strategy based on major axes: improving the status of the business climate, providing the necessary financing and achieving effective partnership between the private and public sectors. The CEO of the Potash Company stated, "The private sector in the Kingdom shares today the responsibility of strengthening national security with the government and the public sector, and bears with it the security responsibility in promoting civil peace and raising the ceiling for stimulating the spirit of participation and cooperation in social and human development, and contributing to social, economic, psychological and functional stability of the workforce." Patriotism. Dr. Al-Nsour pointed to the role of the private sector in Jordan in achieving comprehensive economic growth through its contribution to production, employment, leadership and creativity, explaining that this sector is the most generous job creation, especially small and medium-sized companies, which constitute the majority of Jordanian companies. Dr. Al-Nsour touched on the role of the Arab Potash Company in supporting government efforts in preserving national security, as the company stationed in Ghor al-Safi provided more than 42.9 million dinars in direct payments to the treasury of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan until the end of the third quarter of 2020, while the company's sales constituted what It accounts for 9.6% of the total national exports in the first seven months of this year. Also, over the past ten years, potash sales came to approximately 10.1% of the total value of Jordanian exports, which in turn contributed to the weighting of national exports in the Jordanian trade balance, which has suffered from a permanent deficit, and the Arab Potash Company is one of the largest supporters of foreign exchange reserves.