The former Minister of Finance lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


On Monday, The former Minister of Finance, Dr. Muhammad Abu Hammour, delivered a lecture entitled "Globalization and National Security" for the scholars in the 18th National Defense Course, in the presence of the college commandant, Chairman and members of the directing staff at the college. Abu Hammour said that globalization means moving something to the global level, abolishing privacy towards the world, abolishing borders, and free movement of goods and ideas between countries of the world. Whoever possesses military, technical and economic powers rules the world. The former minister explained that globalization as a thought and reality has varying effects and implications that we have witnessed and will witness in the future, and we must deal with a comprehensive awareness of its challenges towards cultures as well as with regard to its effective economic and political tools. He also indicated that understanding globalization should take into account that it is one of the transformations in the historical intellectual context in which the new capitalism has been represented at its highest level. At the end of the lecture, an extended discussion took place during which the lecturer answered the questions and inquiries