Maj. Gen. AlHawatmeh: Our strategy was built in harmony with the general policy of the state, we fulfilled the royal aspirations in the merger process


Public security director Maj. Gen. Hussein AlHawatmeh said that our security strategy including plans and programs were built in harmony with the general policy of the state to protect the supreme national interest, Adding that the strategy came within the group work and joint cooperation with the Headquarter of Jordan Armed Forces– Arab Army (JAF) and the General Intelligence Department. AlHawatmeh added during a lecture at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College under the title (Public Security Strategy and the Concept of Comprehensive Security) that The Wise Royal Visions inspired the security and organizational strategy in merging the security agencies which was based on a comprehensive security and humanitarian work, under one command and one training method in which all performed the duty within their jurisdiction at all units of public security to enhance security and provide the best and highest quality of services. Maj. Gen. AlHawatmeh indicated to the procedures and plans performed during the year 2020 were completed at operational, administrative and logistic levels in accordance with The Royal Directives of expanding the services and their quality in addition to the minimize the operating expenses. Public Security Director added that, at the operational level, the Kingdom has been divided into six security regions in which all types of public security are gathered within each region under one command, each region represents a mini-security directorate that carries out all the duties and tasks required in a collective manner, which was positively reflected on efficiency and the speed of response to any event. With regard to the administrative and logistical side, all logistical departments and units were merged under unified departments such as one financial department, a training department, and logistical support directorate, in addition to the merging of 99 main and subsidiary units and departments, which contributed to reducing financial burden by an estimated of 65 million JOD. In addition to contributing buildings and projects to the government and community development with an estimated amount of 52 million JOD. AlHawatmeh stressed that after the end of the merger at all its stages and the development we have reached in terms of performance and comprehensiveness of services, we are now working on future plans that translate the aspirations of Hashemite Leadership to develop the security system according to the highest international standards, and this is what everyone will touch during the next year. AlHawatmeh indicated that, since the establishment of Public Security it passed through many stages and challenges that have always contributed to the development of its performance, tasks and duties, and has always imposed the development of the police work mechanisms to keep pace with everything new, whether in the fighting crimes or the development of services provided to citizens, visitors and residents in the Kingdom and this is what we will continue to work on to develop performance and raise the efficiency and capabilities of personnel. The Director of Public Security referred to the great success and achievements of the Public Security Directorate and the high professionalism it reached through the innovation of specialized units to deal with crimes and various work fields of police, security and societal work, including the Family Protection Department, Juvenile Police, the Royal department for Environment Protection and Tourism, Cyber-crimes Units, Intellectual Property and Human Trafficking Which works in a specialized, advanced technical level that keeps pace with criminal diversity and the new and cross-borders crimes. AlHawatmeh talked about the measures taken to strengthen the security and the rule of law at all intellectual and societal levels indicating to the security crackdowns that have been implemented by the various units, and their impact was reflected in spreading reassurance to society, and contributed to supporting the judicial authorities and enabling them to fulfill their duty to achieve Justice, and its results were clear in restricting the perpetrators activities, drug traffickers and seizing large quantities of narcotics. AlHawatmeh added that the Directorate has a strategy and a traffic plan that are constantly reviewed for setting traffic solutions, reducing traffic accidents, spreading community awareness and safe traffic culture, in cooperation with all partners from the public and private sectors. Since the citizen is the first partner to policeman and because of this relationship positive impact on the security system, AlHawatmeh emphasized that we are working hard to consolidate this partnership through the concepts of community policing and security mass media that we are working to develop on the basis of cooperation with national media Official and private institutions as a true partners that support the efforts of the Public Security Directorate and contributes to raising the levels of security and police culture for all, and promotes community participation. At the end of the lecture, Major General AlHawatmeh answered questions and inquiries.