Engineer Samir Habashanah lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


Engineer Samir Habashanah, on Thursday, gives a lecture entitled "The experience of decentralization in local administration between goals and ambition" for students in the 18th National Defense Course, in the presence of the commandant, president and directing staff of the college. "The essence of the talk of decentralization must necessarily address the reconstruction of the administrative structure of the state so that what exists is dismantled and reconstituted according to methods and contents that lead to a more agile public administration and ability to achieve the state's economic and social objectives, provide financial expenses, maximize achievement, and a record time that makes the development system and services more useful and capable of serving citizens, thus establishing a real syndrome between the logo and its application on the ground according to a specific schedule," he said. He pointed out that decentralization is an integrated administrative system that begins at some point of reform of the administration and does not end at another point, decentralization is an ongoing process starting from the major titles and continuing until it touches the most accurate details in the body of the state economic, social and legislative, and this is derived from the perspective of countries that have created decentralization a qualitatively positive change in their administrative, developmental and service structures.