The Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs lectures at the Royal National Defense College


Al-Ma`aytah stressed the need to preserve the role of the Hashemite monarchy as a unified leadership and a basic guarantor for all state institutions to remain independent and impartial in order to achieve a peaceful democracy based on the ballot box. The minister stated that the success of political development requires the existence of a civil culture in order to develop a democracy that depends on party pluralism, indicating that this process must proceed gradually in society to maintain its stability. Al-Ma`aytah emphasized that the success of the process of developing political life is through the recognition of the Jordanian identity that unites us, and its basis is loyalty and belonging. And the presence of national political parties with clear programs to solve political, economic and social problems. The minister indicated that the foundations of the Jordanian national security are the political system, Hashemite leadership, national unity, and the development and reforms that the state has achieved, and the concern for the unity of society and the state, through the promotion of political participation. The minister referred to the sixth discussion paper of His Majesty the King, “The rule of law is the basis of a civil state,” and said: The rule of law is the true foundation upon which democracies, prosperous economies and productive societies are built, it is the guarantor of the rights of public apostasy and the guarantor of an effective framework for public administration and the builder of a safe and just society. At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the college commander, the Dean of the Staff, Ali the interview, and the head and members of the steering committee in the college, the lecturer answered the students ’questions and inquiries.