Seminar entitled "The Intellectual Perspective of Jordanian State Administration"


Wednesday, at the Royal Jordanian national defense college was held seminar entitled the intellectual perspective of the Jordanian state administration, for scholars of the 18 defense course, in the presence of college commandant and the head of the members of the directing staff in the college. The seminar, in which Dr. Taher Al-Masry, His Excellency Eng. Samir Al-Habashneh , His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Noah Al-Qudah and Eng. Marwan Al-Faouri, Secretary General of the Global Moderation Forum, participated in the seminar aimed at proposing and discussing the Arab national dimension in the Jordanian state and emphasizing the legitimacy of the Hashemite leadership in the Jordanian state administration system and strengthening the vital sphere of the state through Managing the state from a historical perspective is consistent with the Arab and global human dimension In addition to explaining how the state is administered and the restructuring procedures, explaining what is required today to manage the state at the local level from various aspects, and stating the approach and policy of moderation and moderation in the thinking of the Jordanian state with the aim of forming a clear understanding and knowledge of the stages of formation and building of the Jordanian state for the orientation of the future At the end of the seminar, an extended discussion took place, during which the participants answered the attendees' questions and inquiries. ..