The Minister of Labor lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


On Tuesday, Minister of Labor, Dr. Maan Al-Qatamen, at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, gave a lecture entitled "The Labor Market and Manpower in Jordan" for scholars in the Defense Course 18, in the presence of the college commandant, Chairman and members of the directing staff in the college. Al-Qatamin reviewed the reality of the labor market currently in light of the circumstances of the Corona pandemic and the high unemployment rates due to Corona's reflection on the labor market and the private sector, indicating that the number of workers in the labor market reached about one million and 377 thousand people. Al-Qatamin stated that the ministry, since the beginning of the pandemic, has received more than 65,000 complaints related to late wages and termination of services, and most of them have been resolved and dealt with and returning workers whose services have been terminated in ways in violation of defense orders and the labor law. Where the Ministry has carried out inspection tours on private sector facilities to ensure the extent of their compliance with defense orders and reports issued pursuant to them, and specifically Defense Order No. 6. Also, a sustainability program has been launched with the aim of supporting workers in unauthorized establishments and workers in the activities most affected by the Corona pandemic, as the cost reached The program (200) million dinars. He emphasized the ministry's role in regulating the labor market and ensuring a safe work environment and preserving workers' rights, in a way that encourages investments and contributes to generating new job opportunities. In addition, it reviews the courses and programs of the Vocational Training Corporation to train and qualify young people with skills that enable them to work in non-traditional professions with digital jobs.