Head of the Red Cross in Jordan give lecture at the National Defense College


The head of the Red Cross in Jordan, Sandra Tameni, give a lecture entitled "Violent Crimes in Conflict Zones" to scholars at the 18th Defense Course in the presence of the commandant directing staff chief and directing staff in college. The international committee is working independently, impartially and impartially for any political party or party, with the task of protecting victims of armed conflicts and presence among the parties to the conflict, and the ICRC is working and coordinating with government organizations to help the victims, she said. "The ICRC is addressing some of the key issues concerning wars, armies and the internal situation of conflicts around the world, so that we are present in many countries and have a large number of people working in these areas," he said. The ICRC is helping Syrian refugees in Jordan and their host communities, helping foreign civilians and detainees reconnect with their families, publishing international humanitarian law and supporting the Jordan Red Crescent Society. The ICRC mission in Jordan is an important logistical support and training center that contributes to the humanitarian response in the Middle East and beyond. At the end of the lecture there was an extensive discussion during which the chairwoman of the committee answered the questions of the scholars