Minister of Islamic Endowments, Affairs and Holy Places lectures at The Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The Minister of Islamic Endowments, Affairs and Holy Places, Dr. Mohammed Al-Khalila, on Wednesday present a lecture to the scholars in the 18th defense course entitled "Islam and Moderation", in the presence of the college's commandant, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Tarawneh. and the head and members of the directing staff of the college. "Moderation is a characteristic of our Islamic religion, which came to set everything right, because the moderation that Islam has brought is not a doctrine, it is a method, a spirit and a current that applies in all pillars of Islamic law," al-Khalayla said. He pointed out that moderation is a characteristic and a great feature of Islamic law that applies in all its rulings and if we want to build a civilization we must not look at the world at the expense of the afterlife, sharia did not neglect the world and build civilizations, but balanced them. At the end of the lecture, there was an extensive discussion during which the Minister answered