Royal Police Academy Commandant Lectures at Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The Order of the Royal Police Academy said that the most important reasons for the stability we have been living from independence to the present day, is the adoption of a strategy for national security, which expressed the protection of the values and interests of the nation and the protection of its security and the security of the citizen. This came during a lecture he gave at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College under the title "Designing security policies and supporting them" in the presence of the dean of the college, Brigadier General Dr. Awad Tarawneh and the head and members of the directing staff of the college. Pointing out that national security is based on a number of pillars, the most important of which is the presence of a political and legitimate leadership that enjoys voluntary collective acceptance, and its ability and strength at the head of the authority is considered one of the main elements and important factors in the promotion and protection of security, Jordan, with its wise leadership and its well-known prevention was able to face unprecedented internal and external challenges. At the end of the lecture, the lecturer answered the questions of the scholars.