Director of the Directorate of Cyber Security and Information Technology lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The Director of the Cyber Security and Information Technology Directorate, brigadier general Eng. Bakr Al-Abadi, gave a lecture to the scholars in the 18th National Defense Course, titled 'Cyber Security', in the presence of the College commandant brigadier general, Dr. Awad Al-Tarawneh, and the Head and members of the directing staff at the College. he said that the term cybersecurity means measures taken to protect critical information systems, networks and infrastructure from cybersecurity incidents and the ability to restore their work and continuity, whether access to them is without a permit, misuse, or as a result of failure to follow security measures or being deceived that leads to that. He Indicat that it can exploit the cyberspace in business development and increase its effectiveness and efficiency, which leads to the opening of new markets and allows conducting business at lower costs, without linking to a specific place. Pointing out that the cyberspace enhanced the possibilities of creating new ideas and adopting innovative business models, and provided new opportunities for growth and doing business, whether for existing or new projects, it allows companies to improve the shopping experience they provide to their customers and reduce their costs, and it also helps individuals to be aware of all available offers. Compare prices and find the best possible option among the options available for purchase. At the end of the lecture, an extended discussion took place during which the guest lecturer answered the scholars ’questions and inquiries.