Royal Jordanian National Defense College organizes a symposium on "Cyberspace and the industry of extremism and terrorism"



Participants discussed the Symposium "Cyberspace and the industry of extremism and terrorism" organized by the Royal Jordanian National Defense College today to scholars at to scholars in the two sessions of the 14 defense and war 23 of the war on electronic terrorism as one of the most dangerous types of terrorism in the era. In view of the widespread use of modern technology in the world. The gravity of the means of open cyberspace and the use of it by terrorist groups and organizations in recruiting for followers and disseminating information and news that spread the dark thought of human societies, leading to violence and extremism.

There is also a need to look at the causes of this phenomenon, the reasons for its spread, to prevent its exacerbation, to protect communities from it, and to learn about the role of law in combating cybercrime and electronic terrorism.

The symposium, which was attended by the retired general, was aimed at the Center for Strategic Studies and lessons learned, a researcher at the Centre for information and lawyer Muhammad Zuhair Katishat, director general of the media and major Raed al-Rawdah, head of the Investigation department and technical follow-up at the cybercrime unit of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Directorate of Public Security to establish a mature understanding among future policy makers and prospective statesmen about the effects of electronic terrorism on Jordanian national security

The symposium included, inter alia, "electronic terrorism and its impact on Jordanian national security", "information and cyber-terrorism" and "the role of law in combating cybercrime and electronic terrorism".


At the end of the seminar, which was attended by an order, the Chairman and members of the college's Steering Board, an extensive discussion took place, during which the participants answered questions and queries from the audience