The Speaker of Parliament lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The Speaker of Parliament, Eng. Atef Tarawneh, said that we in the Kingdom are on the threshold of a constitutional entitlement by starting the procedures for the nineteenth parliament elections, and we in the House of Representatives believe in our duty and the duty of all future councils, to stand by the state in the war on terror and behind our leadership, our army and our security services that seek to rise Like this fever and defend the revolution purity. This came during a lecture he held today entitled "Parliamentary System and Design of National Policies" for students of the 18th Defense Course and the MA in Strategies for Facing Extremism and Terrorism 4 program at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College. With regard to the position of the representative system in designing national policies, Tarawneh said that the representative system in Jordan is based on a clear equation in building priorities and assessing national interests on the basis of the constitution, its values and its sublime meanings, which has always been a constant form of our political system, which we all consider the fundamental pillar in our protection and the future of our children. He pointed out that the legislative authority has always been the mirror of popular representation in parliaments through the most sincere forms and through popular participation in the polling and voting for the selection of parliaments since the end of the twenties of the last century, so that the political system would be complementary and in solidarity with its people without disrupting its aspirations . Emphasizing that the voter, with the nearness of the parliamentary elections, must reconsider his options. Either he re-select his representatives out of conviction, or he searches for the best representative through a secret ballot that is protected by the constitution, and after that we will be very close to crystallizing the idea of quiet and gradual parliamentary reform that is inseparable from it. Other fixes. Stressing that the regional conditions near and far and the intersection of regional and international interests require us to be very careful, and to mobilize our ranks in one trench behind our Hashemite leadership under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, and thus we fortify our march in the face of danger to preserve our national unity. At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the commander, head and members of the directing staff in the college, the Speaker of Parliament answered the scholars ’questions and inquiries.