Minister of the Interior: National unity is a basic pillar upon which the Jordanian society is built


The Minister of Interior, Salama Hammad, said that national unity is a fundamental pillar upon which the structure of the Jordanian society is based, and that a coherent internal front is the most capable of preserving our supreme national interests, which depend in the first place on achieving equality and equal opportunities for all. The Minister of Interior added, in a lecture he gave today, Thursday, to the students of the Defense 18 and Extremism Strategies and Combating Terrorism / 4 courses at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College, entitled “The Strategy of the Ministry of Interior in Preserving National Security,” that the Ministry of Interior and the security services were based in carrying out their tasks On the teamwork, continuous coordination and the spirit of one team, as a fundamental axis in achieving security, indicating that "we must strive to discover the error and fix it before it grows and grows at the expense of the interest of the homeland and the citizen." Hammad indicated that the ministry's most important duty is to prevent the occurrence of crime, and to protect the law by law, by not allowing anyone to bypass the law, and not to allow ourselves to override the law as well, explaining that the Ministry of Interior is working to root what was mentioned in the sixth discussion paper of His Majesty King Abdullah The second centered around the rule of law and the compliance with its provisions in all cases that confront the nation and the citizen. With regard to combating terrorism, the minister said that the most dangerous thing facing the world at this stage is confronting terrorism and extremist ideology, as Jordan has become one of the first countries that alerted and warned of the danger of extremist ideology to nations and peoples and their security and stability, and Jordanian studies, analyzes and follow-ups of this disease on the military and ideological levels were formed. A model to be emulated at the regional and international levels. He added that His Majesty presided over a new round of "Aqaba meetings" initiative yesterday to support all regional and international efforts aimed at combating terrorism, as part of His Majesty's continuous efforts to eradicate this disease, especially since many countries of the world are still suffering from terrorism and its devastating effects. He explained that the Public Security Directorate has developed a strategy for combating terrorism, and it is being implemented in the reform and rehabilitation centers, which has contributed greatly to changing dark ideas and introducing the values of moderation and moderation and rejecting violence and extremism and resorting to argument, logic and enlightenment in the hearts of inmates, indicating that the fight against terrorism also occurs. The responsibility of the home, educational institutions and places of worship because of the danger that threatens societies and disturb their structure. Within the framework of the continuous efforts to combat drugs, the minister said: “This scourge requires intensification of work, and the continuation of laying down the necessary plans to eliminate it in terms of promotion, trafficking and abuse, in addition to adopting modern methods of combating it to keep pace with developments in criminal methods and their uses by outlaws.” Hammad added that combating drugs requires activating coordination, international cooperation and exchanging information to dry up its sources, noting that the meetings of the Arab Interior Ministers Council that are held annually focus on the importance of following modern methods and opening rapid communication channels among its members, to ensure combating drugs in the best possible way. The Minister of Interior indicated that the governor heads the executive authority in his area of competence, and heads the security and executive councils in the governorate, in addition to supervising all matters related to his governorate and following them up on an up-to-date basis. He pointed to the qualitative role played by the brave Jordanian armed forces and the impregnable security services in defending the protection of this nation that sticks to all attempts to undermine it and its national unity and its Arab Arab role rooted in its soil, land and the souls of its children, indicating that the armed forces and security agencies with their expertise and trained human energies And qualified, able to maintain the security and stability we enjoy. The minister noted that the economic challenge is currently the most prominent in the local arena, indicating that the scarcity of resources and the scarcity of resources will not be an obstacle to the progress of this country and its people who occupy the highest ranks at the Arab level in education, medicine and other areas, in addition to that Jordan ranks advanced in terms of services provided. For its people in all regions, as no village or region in it is empty of health, educational, and service centers. At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the head of the college, the head and members of the steering committee in the college, an extended discussion took place, during which the Minister of Interior answered the questions and inquiries of students, which focused on a number of issues and topics related to the role of the Ministry of Interior in maintaining national security.