The President of the Hashemite University lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


The President of the Hashemite University, Prof. Dr. Fawaz Al-Zboon, said that the nature of the relationship between the Hashemite leadership and society was built on the foundations of continuous communication with community members, which brought the leadership closer to community members and contributed to facing many internal and external challenges, which were represented by the limited natural resources in addition to dealing with external political variables. This came during a lecture he had today entitled "The political and social environment in Jordan as one of the elements of the national force" for students of the 18th defense course at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College. The president indicated that the national strength in Jordan is based on two main dimensions, namely the social environment and the political environment, in addition to the diversity in the Jordanian society, which was reflected in the social dimension in it, which led to the formation of cultural formulas bearing various social values that contributed to the formation of the social culture of the Jordanian society. In addition to that, the geographical dimension is added through the migrations that Jordan has embraced, which affected the cultural stock and added to it many social formulas in the way of life and in the cultural system that diversified and nourished the social dimension and contributed to shaping the identity of contemporary Jordanian society, in addition to the historical legacy that contributed to laying the foundations On which the Jordanian society relied. At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the commander, head and members of the directing staff in the college, the lecturer answered the students ’questions and inquiries.