Director General of the Free Zones Corporation lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


the Director general of the Free Zones Foundation, Mr. wahb,  Aoamleh said during his lecture to scholars at the 14 defense and War 23 sessions in the Royal Jordanian National Defense College today entitled "free economic areas and qualified and its role in the national economy,"The Jordanian Group for Free Zones and Development Zones,  sophisticated company working to provide an environment for stimulating investment and competition, and achievable through the establishment of free zones and development management and equipped with infrastructure management services and advanced technology to achieve excellence in customer service with its commitment to serving the local community and the preservation of the environment in the context of sustainable development.

He explained that during 2016,  the Jordanian group of free zones and development zones was established with the aim of developing the investment climate in broader vision to free zones and development zones where the Jordanian development Zones Company was merged with the Free Zone company in one company under the umbrella of one department to become the Jordanian group for free zones and development zones and to form the investment arm of the Jordanian government in the free zones and development zones and its public authority Ministry of Finance

stressing that the free zones are considered an important economic arm of the national economy through the provision of appropriate investment environment to increase the added value of free zones on the national economy by creating more job opportunities and attracting local and international investments into the areas of producing and exporting to global markets and international the two addenda to the main role in the revitalization of the transit trade finance at the end of the lecture an extensive debate in which he answered the questions of the students records.