The Minister of Education lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


Today,Monday Dr. Tayseer Al-Nuaimi, a lecture entitled “Educational Policy in Jordan and the Role of the Ministry of Education in Jordanian National Security”, for students in the Defense 18 course In the presence of the commander, president and members of the directing staff in the college. Dr. Al-Nuaimi said: “The educational policies are a set of principles and rules that define the general framework of the educational system and reflect its philosophy, goals and objectives within which its various institutions operate, and educational policies clarify the relationship between the state’s orientations, strategic plans and needs, and what its educational institutions should implement in terms of programs, interventions and educational initiatives. " The Minister of Education stated that education is a fundamental pillar in building, sustaining and strengthening comprehensive national security through the formation and building of a system of values, positive attitudes and practices and in empowering students with advanced knowledge and skills, instilling loyalty, belonging, political and national education and citizenship, and in building a common general culture among members of society that protects National unity, strengthening it and creating a united and unifying national identity. Al-Nuaimi emphasized that education policies reflect the political options of society, its values, customs, future perceptions and directions in investing its material and human wealth, direct educational policies, the decision-making process, and monitoring financial allocations and material and human resources. Evaluations of the implemented programs and projects and the performance of institutions and departments concerned with those policies. At the end of the lecture, an extended discussion took place, during which the minister answered the students ’questions