The former Minister of Finance lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


on Wednesday ,The former Minister of Finance, Dr. Muhammad Abu Hammour received a lecture entitled Fiscal Policy in Jordan, at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College for scholars in its 17th session, in the presence of the college’s commander, head and members of the directing staff. Abu Hammour talked about the various economic policies, procedures and governmental decisions taken by the government, the economic reform programs agreed upon with the International Monetary Fund since 1989, and the six programs package that was agreed upon with the Fund and the reforms that have taken place, reviewing the main economic indicators during the period of economic programs which It ended in 2004, indicating the economic conditions during the subsequent period and the mechanism for returning again to economic reform programs with the International Monetary Fund, starting in 2012. He pointed out that increasing taxes leads to reduced revenues, and we should focus on productivity, a true partnership with the private sector, attracting foreign and Arab investments, and creating a suitable environment for this, pointing to the increase in external debt to critical levels and that some economic indicators such as unemployment, poverty, and economic growth are a cause for concern in exchange for others. Calls for optimism, such as export figures, tourism income and remittances. Abu Hammour praised the monetary policy and its importance in maintaining price levels, on top of which is the Jordanian dinar exchange rate and the durability of foreign reserves at the Central Bank, which cover about 8 months of imports. At the end of the lecture, the guest answered the questions and inquiries of the course’s scholars.