The president of the National Society for Consumer Protection lectures at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College


On Monday ,The President of the Consumer Protection Association, Dr. Muhammad Obeidat, gave a lecture at the Royal National Defense College for the scholars of the 17th National Defense Course, in the presence of the college commander at the meeting, and the President and members of the directing staff at the college, a lecture entitled (Consumer protection and its role in ensuring a minimum level of food and social security) . The doctor said that the political stability and security care provided by the Hashemite leadership decades ago contributed to enhancing the Jordanian national food security in addition to the economic stability that is related to providing consumers with a minimum level of satisfaction of basic food needs. Dr. Obaidat referred to the great role played by the National Society for Consumer Protection through its participation in the boards of directors of the Standards, Metrology, Food and Drug Administration and the Competition and Monopoly Prevention Committee. He added that we seek to make the concept of consumer protection an essential part and component of the local culture, just as it has been rooted in Western culture and has become a component of national knowledge. Al-Obaidat also stressed the need to support the Jordanian Consumer Protection Association financially and legally to enable it to carry out its tasks to the fullest, and the need to calculate the inflation rate on the basis of what is happening in terms of price developments on the prices of foodstuffs, medicines and petroleum products, and linking the inflationary rate on these materials with the annual salary. At the end of the lecture, the guest lecturer answered the students ’questions and inquiries.