Lecture entitled( Foreign aids in the national economy) At the National Defense College


Lecture entitled( Foreign aids in the national economy) At the National Defense College


Director of Policy and Strategy Directorate at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation Bassem Kanaan on Wednesday delivered a lecture at the Royal Jordanian National Defense College entitled Foreign Aid in the National Economy in presence of Brig. Nasser Al-Mheerat, directing staff and the scholars in the defense courses 15 and War course 24.


He pointed out that foreign aid plays a positive role in the development of the infrastructure, policies, legal you institutional framework in Jordan, which without the country cannot develop and flourish as it is one of the basic requirements for encouraging and attracting domestic and foreign investments. It also contributes directly to Jordan's economic development and growth through increasing its capacity on investment, consumption and import.


He added that most of the aids provided to Jordan was used initially to fund development projects, especially the transport sector and other service sectors (infrastructure).

Stressing that the reduction of foreign aid directed to support the treasury which will reflect negatively on the total volume of current public expenditures and capital, which requires reconsidering the volume of government public spending, and rely on the local resources available to cover through the improvement of tax administration and collection.


He stressed the importance of the role of the local private sector in encouraging vital investment projects and financing these projects through partnership agreements between the public and private sectors, which will reduce the deficit in the trade balance and contribute to the process of economic growth.


At the end of the lecture, there was an extensive discussion in which the lecturer answered the questions and inquiries of the scholars.